Senan Industry is a leading manufacturer of Blow Moulded Plastic Jerry Cans in United Arab Emirates .

The Factory is using state-of-the-art German machinery and moulds, while only using 100% pure and premium grade HDPE.

Upon its launch , Senan Jerry Cans also known as Senan Mould or Design are very popular in Middle Eastern and African Regions.

To Ensure the highest standard and quality Senan manufactures its own caps. This gives customers the privilege to have uniform and perfectly matching caps and cans. Caps and Jerry Cans can be customized to suit the needs of colour, shapes, sizes and even branding.



Senan Industry,belongs to the famous and succesful M.A.H.Y. Khoory Group. WEll implemented in the region since 1935, the group employs more than 2000 perople in different fields of activities such as paper manufacturing, trading and distribution of Pumps, Generators, Electric Motors, Cables, Photocopy Papers, etc...

Established in 2009, Senan Industry is a pioneer in the manufacturing of Blow Molded Plastic Jerry-cans and engine lubricant containers. Given the factory’s strategic location at Ras Al Khor, Dubai, all deliveries can be met efficiently without any loss of time.



  • Senan Industry LLC has the highest standard, when it comes to quality and customer commitment.
  • Unlike most of plastic manufacturer in the UAE we do not damage our product with Calcium carbonate to reduce costs.
  • We use 100% Pure and new Virgin Raw Material from the highest regarded polymer supplier in the region.
  • Our machineries are fully automatic, less than five years old and made in Germany.
  • Every single of our cans is leak tested with high pressure air to make sure that there is not any unwanted flaws in our products.
  • Several drop test, weighting, thickness measurement and other quality tests are performed every day.
  • Our commitment to the customer is absolute, and try to be as accurate as our business allows us.


  • All the wastage from the plastic is re-inserted in the production automatically.
  • No chemical waste is taken from our factory.
  • Scraps are recycled regularly and used for other businesses.
  • Employees are approached with an ethical view and gets fair compensation.
  • Safety of employees is one of our first priority.
  • Customers are always welcome no matter the size of their business.